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Please select how you will participate in the Sixth International Flute Competition:
I will come to Varna.I will participate online.

1. Basic information

2. Additional information


1. G.F.Haendel - Sonate /by choice/:
I-st and II-nd movement;III and IV movement.

2. The candidate's choice for a piece from the Romantic era up to our days:

3. One of the following pieces by Bulgarian composer:
prof. Filip Pavlov – only part/piece 1 from „3 Pieces for flute and pianо“ (Price for all three pieces: 8 €);Dimitar Kostanzaliev – „Songs without words“, please choose any 3 out of the 9 parts (Price: 6 €).A Bulgarian piece for a higher age group:

If you need a visa, please attach a photo of your passport:

3. Parental agreement

I agree with the participation of my daughter/son in the International Flute Competition.
I have read and agree with the General terms of the Competition -
I hereby agree to the collection, storage and processing of the data gathered in this Application form for the purposes of this Competition.
I give my consent photos and videos of me and my daughter/son to be taken during the Competition in order to promote it.

4. Additions

5. Payment of the application fee

We kindly ask you to transfer the participation fee and upload the proof of payment:

Beneficiary: Teodora Dimitrova (European Music Academy Foundation)
IBAN: BG17STSA93001528840064
Bank: DSK Bank Bulgaria
Address: Varna, Bulgaria
Reason for payment: Flutes 2021 Name Surname Group 2
Amount: 50 Euro