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Майсторски клас с Антон Сороков в София / Master class with Anton Sorokow in Sofia, 31.05.2024

2. Лични данни / Personal data

3. Съгласие на родител / Parental agreement

I agree with the participation of my daughter/son in your event.
I have read and agree with the General terms of the Event.
I hereby agree to the collection, storage and processing of the data gathered in this Application form for the purposes of this Event.
I give my consent photos and videos of me and my daughter/son to be taken during the Event in order to promote it.

4. Плащане / Payment

Банкова сметка за превод на таксата за участие: / Bank account for the participation fee:

Получател/Beneficiary: Teodora Dimitrova (European Music Academy Foundation)
IBAN: BG89BPBI79451464305002
Банка/Bank: Postbank Bulgaria
Адрес/Address: Varna, Bulgaria
Основание/Reason for payment: Master Class + Name of participant + City
Сума/Amount: 70 евро / 70 Euro

Молим да прикачите платежното нареждане тук:
Please upload your proof of payment here:

Участникът и придружителят се съгласяват с Общите условия за участие в Майсторския клас и ще следват правилата на организатора. / Both the participant and the accompanying person agree to the Terms and Conditions of the organiser and will follow to the rules of the Master Class.